APD Can Mean That Being Atypical Challenges Mutual Understanding

by listen2up

On the topic of APD (also known as CAPD) and its impact, the following excerpts and/or paraphrases from an online discussion group for adults with APD rang true for me. We may exhibit idiosyncrasies, but have some commonalities of experience:

  • It’s amazing how complex this disorder is, one recently diagnosed woman observed.
  • Acceptance, understanding and support by family, friends and partners are essential, said a co-moderator.
  • The ability to hear/process sounds and related symptoms varies and is affected by many things, such as fatigue, noise, stress, and hunger, said one member.

She voiced an experience shared by many, saying:

  • It hurts so bad to be ridiculed about something that you have no control over. Many people do not understand APD is permanent and ongoing. Just because it is not visible or I do not reveal it, does not mean I do not experience its symptoms.

Several forum members said:

  • They did, or almost did, have “nervous breakdowns” from the pressure, ending up at a hospital with panic attacks, for instance, when trying to keep up, fit in, perform, and deal with hostility and unsupportiveness for being different all became too much.

Meanwhile, it was heartening when, in the comment section of the blog Andrea’s Buzzing About, Laura wrote as a non-APD’er: “Boy, do I feel like crap after reading how hard life is with CAPD. … My husband and I are having severe marital problems … traditional Speaker/Listener exercises are not working … I took his behavior personally … would … explain myself over and over … He construes this as I am … insisting on changing his opinion … I holler at him ‘Listen to me! What I said was…..!’ I experience anger and frustration …” (especially when discussions are lengthy). [http://qw88nb88.wordpress.com/living-with-auditory-processing-disorder/] (1)

1. Andrea. Andrea’s Buzzing About: Living With (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder[Internet]. San Francisco: Andrea’s Buzzing About: c2006-2008 – [cited Dec. 30, 2012]. Available from: http://qw88nb88.wordpress.com/living-with-auditory-processing-disorder/ .