This site was created to fill a void in overview information that might help APD-affected people (those who have it, and those who interact with them) feel more acknowledged for the common challenges that adults (who may not have been identified as children) face. Please also look for the more-plentiful  information available about parenting, classroom settings, or diagnosis if these are pressing concerns for you as a reader. The information here is not meant to discount those other important factors along the journey. Meanwhile, any additions or clarifications and feedback are all welcome in order to crowd-source the evolving and elusive attempt to describe the experience posed by the condition. Comments with personal accounts, feelings, insights, and observations are fine to share here, in other words. Thank you for taking an interest, and please feel free to share the information freely so hidden issues such as these eventually face greater acceptance and tolerance among people who are not personally affected, or yet aware. Short link to the APD description (for sharing): http://wp.me/p30k25-2